Friday, August 14, 2009

Shedding the Onion Skin

Since getting involved with a blog and a website, I feel the world knows more about me than I really had intended, but here I go again exposing yet another layer of my onion. A good friend asked me to get involved with “Honest Scrap”. What is that you ask? It’s eight little known facts you may or may not care to know about me. But here goes:
1. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, until I married an American in 1972 and moved to the U.S.A.We have one son and two dear grandsons who live in Maine. We celebrated our thirty-seventh wedding anniversary July 1.
2. I taught Elementary School in Canada and continue to work as a resource teacher at Rhodes Elementary.

3. My high school had only eighty students and I was chosen to be the Valedictorian.

4. I have always expressed my thoughts better on paper so writing became an outlet
for my emotions. In the eighties, I decided to submit my work to publishers and
lo and behold my work began to be accepted for publication. You mean you can
actually be paid to do this?? My two novels, “Helena:Unwavering Courage” and “Summer Guest” are currently on

5. I enjoy cooking-especially desserts(My Canadian sweet tooth).

6. I became a Christian in my teens and sincerely believe in the power of salvation.

7. I believe once you’ve truly loved someone they will always have a part of your
8. I have been blessed with wonderful friends.

Okay, there is one more; I enjoy playing Mexican Train Dominoes.

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  1. I share your feelings about #4. I'm generally not an emotional person, but when they do come they're inevitably messy! Much easier to write about things.