Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in Town

I’m convinced that good times with family and friends fly by faster than the speed of light. At least that’s how it seemed to me while I was enjoying my visit with family and friends. Yes, it rained at some point in the day, almost every day but it did not dampen my enthusiasm for being around the folks I love. Sometimes Canadian summers have a mind of their own. On the positive side, the fish were biting, the mosquitoes were tolerable, the succulent red raspberries hung in clusters enticing one to brave the scratchy, thick thorns and gather enough for a fresh baked pie. The forests and fields were alive with lush vibrant life.
Even the downpour on the day of my book signing did not keep folks away. Held in a converted barn, it was the perfect atmosphere for the times and theme of my grandmother’s story. Several friends went away with a copy of Helena:Unwavering Courage.
Of course, a highlight of my vacation was the week I spent with our twin fourteen-month grandsons. There isn’t a muscle in my body that hasn’t been pulled or stretched while chasing those lightening –fast bodies. Their curiosity and constant baby talk kept my eyes and ears alert. I loved every minute of it.
Now it’s time to wind down and let the memories take root; thank you Lord. Once again I’ve been blessed.

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