Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birthin' My Latest Book Baby

The gestation period lasted almost a year, the pangs of rewrite came frequently, but once committed, there was no turning back. Finally, my spanking new "Southern Sage:The Honorable Woodrow Melvin" book baby was delivered to my front door ready to show itself to the world.

Its first appearance was at the Milton Riverwalk Arts Festival April 26. Judge Woodrow Melvin's photo caught the eyes of those who either knew him personally, worked with him or had an occasion to stand in court before him. All gave words of praise for a man they respected.

This summer I'm planning to acquaint the citizens of Santa Rosa County with his biography at a number of venues.His story can also be found on

Just like the arrival of new babies, newly published books create curiosity too; so for anyone who'd like a sneak preview,I've posted a short synopsis here on my blog.If you think it's a book of interest to you, email me at and I'll get back to you.

Synopsis of Southern Sage

How many attorneys who start as small town lawyers end their careers as a judge on the Appellate Court? Woodrow Melvin’s passion for the law takes him on a journey into the courts of Florida as well as the State House of Representatives and the State Senate.
The stories Woodrow tells from his twenty years working as a circuit court judge are charged with emotion as the reader sees the gut-wrenching decisions he must make whether it be a life-changing child custody case or the life-sentencing of a hardened criminal.
Anecdotes, shared by his family, friends, and peers show Woodrow as a man of conviction, fairness, humility and humor. A familiar down-home, southern phrase often heard from him by attorneys when discussing a case goes like this, “You know, I don’t believe that dog will hunt.”
The legacy of this hard-working public servant continues to touch the lives of Floridians to this day, especially, in the areas of public health and education.
The old cliché, ‘Home town boy makes good’ more than applies to Woodrow M. Melvin.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Writer's High

I came home from school today feeling low; the sinus infection with its continual torrent of drainage running down my red, scratchy throat and the unexpected coughing spasms that left me gasping for air, got the better of me and I gave in. Even though I have not missed a day of work all year, I felt as though I could not endure another eight hours in this condition trying to teach kindergarten children the correct phonetic sounds of the ABC’s. The only compassion I heard from one dear child as my contorted face emitted a cacophonous sound was, “Mrs. Melvin, are you going to throw up?”
Before I left for the day, I confirmed with my principal that he need not count on me to perform my duties tomorrow since my resistance to this irritating malaise was now nonexistent. All I wanted was a hot cup of tea, a warm blanket and a little sympathy from my husband.
While waiting for the water to boil for the soothing liquid I was sure would calm my throat, I checked my email. One message stood out that lifted my spirits better than any prescription drug. The publishing company announced that they were producing a paperback anthology of short stories that had been selected from their contests and my story of two talking turkeys would be included. Now that’s the kind of medicine any sick writer wants to hear. I’m still taking the day off!