Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trying to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

The lazy, hazy days of summer are turning into hazy, crazy days. Trying to untangle a maze of problems with my new blogger and website did not start the week out well. From the looks of things, my "old blogging site " (the one that would not allow me to sign on)will be floating around in cyberspace somewhere forever because there is no way to delete it.Like a bad penny, it keeps coming back. My new one, www.Sylviassribbles.blogspot.com is much friendlier and does what I ask.
Then there's the website; building a marketing platform to show the world my attempts at pursuing a literary career is more than a stretch for this gal.However, angels come in the form of friends and mine are called TommieLyn and Margie. Oh, how I wish my brain was wired like theirs but since it got short-circuited somewhere along my gestation period, I'm not too proud to cry, "Uncle! I need help!" Thanks to them, my new website www.sylviamelvin.com is 99% up and running. Drop by if you can.

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